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Cysts & Lipoma

Although the lump underneath the skin from a cyst or lipoma may feel concerning, these are typically benign and slow-growing. While they don’t pose medical harm, they can be unsightly, rupture, or become infected. The expert dermatology team at Associated Dermatologists in Berkley, Commerce, Novi, and West Bloomfield, Michigan, can evaluate and treat your cysts or lipoma before they become a problem. If you have a bothersome cyst or another lump, call the nearest office or book an appointment online today.

What are Cysts and Lipoma?

Cysts form when you have blocked pores that become irritated. They fill with fluid, pus, and other waste to create a bump just underneath the surface of the skin. Cysts are typically painless and can grow larger over time.

You can develop cysts as a serious form of acne on your face (cystic acne), but cysts can develop anywhere. While most cysts aren’t cancerous, it’s important to have yours checked out by the team at Associated Dermatologists to be sure.

What are lipomas?
Lipomas are noncancerous fatty tumors that grow in the soft tissue of your body. They generally pose no threat to your health and cause no pain.

If you develop a lipoma, even if you suspect it i benign, it is important to have an examination to ensure it is not something serious.

Lipomas usually form on the upper body, arms, and thighs. They persist for years and continue to grow, so they may become uncomfortable or unsightly over time.

What are the treatments for cysts?
If your cyst is not uncomfortable or causing you cosmetic distress, the team at Associated Dermatologists will likely suggest you simply leave it alone. Never squeeze or pop a cyst on your own as you may cause scarring or infection.

A cyst that grows large, is in an obvious place, or that causes discomfort may be treated. The team at Associated Dermatologists may inject the cyst to reduce swelling and inflammation.

An alternative treatment involves making a small incision in the cyst and draining the contents. If a cyst persists, you may undergo minor surgery to remove the entire growth.

How are lipomas treated?
Lipomas are generally harmless and don’t require treatment unless they are particularly large or located in a bothersome place.

Minor surgery to remove the fatty tumor is also an option. The team at Associated Dermatologists makes every effort to minimize any scarring associated with treatment.

If you have unusual lumps and bumps on your face or body, consult with the expert team at Associated Dermatologists. Call the nearest location or book an appointment online today.